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Sydney Balcony Lifts Specialists


Balcony Lifts are very often a necessary part of removalist services in Sydney.

So often we see these days that people have moved in a new home and when they arrive some of the furniture simply wont fit in the entrance, or in the lift when is a block of apartments, and the only option is to bring it up the balcony.

This also occurs when people buy new furniture and they don’t think to measure the furniture or the entrance before they buy, and when they arrive at home with their brand new piece of furniture it simply wont fit and lifting the furniture over the balcony is the only option.

Experienced Balcony lifts by Sydney Domain Furniture Removals

Sydney Domain Furniture Removalists are particularly proficient in balcony lifts. Having been in this industry for a considerable period of time and having conducted more than a 100 balcony lifts, without a single instance of breakage, we can lift a diverse array of items via the balcony.
We have done lounges, side boards, large tables, mattresses and ensembles and buffets into the unit or house over the balcony.

How to lift furniture over a balcony is not an easy task and requires expertise. We advise a customer should never try to lift furniture over a balcony on their own because of the necessity of safety as a priority. 

Our Process:

Initially, we have to determine if we can bring the piece of furniture up the balcony.

Normally if it is between 100-250kg we can do it. We need some details regarding the access to the balcony and the railing etc to ascertain if we believe your furniture can be brought up safely.

After we have decided if it can be brought up the balcony and you have given us the go ahead we then prepare the piece of furniture accordingly.

This is wrapped with several, thick, protective furniture blankets, and then commercial grade Shrink Wrap to hold it in place securely. We do this so that we can protect the piece of furniture being brought up the balcony from dirt and scratches.

We then fashion a harness with lifting straps we use solely for the purpose of lifting furniture up balconies.

Depending on the weight of the piece/pieces being brought up the balcony will determine the specific requirements necessary to do the lift.

From experience it is very important to make sure your balcony lift is done correctly  so your furniture arrives in your home safely. This is because balcony lifts are different from normal furniture lifts and having the strength required to lift over the balcony is always very important.

We are very fit, strong and conditioned Sydney removalists who also train in the gym and balcony lifts often require some quality strength.

What’s more, if you choose us for your complete home relocation, we may offer to do the balcony lift completely free of cost. While confirming your home relocation booking, please notify us that you also want a balcony lift done and we may be able to include it in the cost of the hourly rate with know additional cost.

If you only require a balcony lift then we can happily do that for you.

With many years experience you can feel confident by calling us to do your balcony lift.

We price each balcony lift according to specific requirements to do the job and amount of pieces of furniture you want brought up the balcony.
To know more about our services, contact us by email or  call us now if you want it done promptly.

Balcony lifts are a precision item relocation and cannot be covered by insurance and Sydney Domain furniture Removals takes all care but no responsibility on damaged goods or property

Balcony Lifts are at owner/clients risk and customers must accept full responsibility and liability for any and all damage incurred to any goods or property during a precision move.

Balcony Lifts are only completed with acceptance of these conditions.

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Balcony Lift in Sydney
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Balcony lift service in Sydney by Expert removalist with 20 years experience, and 10 years specialising in balcony lifts. One of the most experienced balcony lifters with straps in Australia.

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