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This removalist FAQ page has been compiled because we understand that moving home or office can be a complex task for the customer and we want to put peoples minds at ease by providing answers so that they can feel rest assured we understand moving and so that we can show we are up front with how we carry out your move on the day.

General Removalist FAQ's

Local moves in Sydney can be booked any time really but we suggest 1-2 weeks before the date you want to move so that you can ensure the move date and time you want. You can book your move the day before though but move time are subject to availability.
Country NSW moves we suggest 2 weeks or more in advance.
Interstate moves, whether you are moving from Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Canberra or Sydney to Brisbane it is a wise choice confirming your booking 4 weeks or more before you want your move doing to ensure date and time so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Very good question! That depends upon several variables:

Such as:

If you are packed up and good to go or still require packing on the day!

The amount of furniture and goods you have!

How many people are loading and unloading the truck?

Are there stairs or an elevator?

If it is an elevator then is it functioning continuously?

Does the elevator have to be shared with other tenants in the building?

The access at the pick up and the access at the delivery!

Does the furniture have to be carried several hundred metres to and from the vehicle?

(Access is a major factor – i.e. 45 cubic metres could take between 5-9 hours depending on access and manpower)

The drive time between pick up and destination!

Most of the time yes! If you have normal furniture like beds, washing machines then disassembly and reassembly can be done by experienced removalists.

Sometimes if it complex and clearly requires a plumber or a cabinet maker then that is a bit beyond the removalist.


We are fully equipped with furniture blankets and pads. We also have several trolleys and dollies in the truck.

We carry shrink wrap should the customer want.

If you require additional packing material kindly let us know and we will bring on the day but we do not always carry boxes and port-a-robes in the truck as we purchase these as per customers specific requirements.

Yes! Local moves in the Sydney metro area and moves to country NSW moves require authorising us to do the move upon arrival at pick up address.

Interstate moves require confirmation by email when booking and paying deposit and authorising on the jobsheet on the day of your uplift.

That depends on many aspects such as:

How much furniture you have, how heavy the furniture is, what the access is like, and time constraints.

Simple answer is that three men is always quicker and easier.

If you only have two men then it is stop and start because one man has to stack and wrap your goods securely in the truck. With three men, or more, the truck is loaded more systematically and much quicker because the goods are being constantly bought to the truck while the third man is wrapping and stacking.

The hourly rate is different with more men but the total cost is approximately the same, or less, because the move is completed in much less time as the move can be done much faster and the men have more energy.

Most plants can be moved in the truck if it is a local move in Sydney. Large and fragile plants obviously can be difficult to transport in the truck due to space and it is difficult to prevent large.

It is not advised to transport plants with interstate moves because price is cubic metre and plants have to be flat packed in the truck and take up heaps of space.

Yes! Customers are welcome to assist in bringing furniture and goods to the truck.

Due to safety reasons and other requirements customers are not permitted to enter the truck though.

Only Sydney Domain Furniture Removals removalists are allowed in the truck because of safety reasons.

We cannot transport any explosive items, flammable materials, liquids, such as paint, thinners etc., gas bottles, fire extinguishers, guns and ammunition. Transportation of lawnmowers, whipper snippers, blowers etc. please ensure these are empty of fuel and clean. If you’re unsure please check with our staff.

Shoes are necessary for safety and can often slow down the move if the guys have to remove their shows.

Most movers can put blankets on new carpet if you wish.

The customer is not required to provide food or drink to the removalists. Offering the movers coffee or cold water on a hot day is however always appreciated and welcomed.

Sometimes, when it is clearly a hard job customers if you should choose to offer food or something to drink, it is welcomed and appreciated should you wish.

If it is a small move and you have quality removalists with a good work ethic you will often find they will complete the uplift without a break and they will eat their lunch and have a break while in the truck whilst driving from pick up address to destination address.

If it is a large or a very heavy move then most removalists will, very understandably need to take a break. Often good removalists will stop the clock if they take a full lunch break.

However from time to time sometimes customers want removalists to not take a break even if it is a large move, but reality is the removalists are entitled to take a break, but will often only have a break to eat if necessary.

With local moves is Sydney, most food can be transported in the truck.

If you want your food to arrive fresh and you are packing up your own goods then the you should put all the food in a esky or cooler with ice for the frozen goods and esky or equivalent to keep other perishable foods safe and clean to move.

It it an interstate move then perishable food must be eaten before the move or disposed of. Tinned or packaged dry food can be packed in suitable packing materials and transported in the truck.

If you are having your contents pre-packed for you by the removalists then let the removalists know and they will pack up the food in boxes. Fresh food must still have an esky or cooler provided by the customer to put it in.

Yes! Fridges cannot be transported with food in as it is too heavy with the food in and contents of the fridge will get broken if left in the fridge.

Absolutely, most removalists will happily do your move if is not very clean and tidy but if it unhygienic then many removalists may, very understandably, refuse to do the move due to health risks.

Unfortunately customers are not permitted to travel in the truck with us. Our vehicle insurance does not cover us to transport you therefore we do not allow customers in the truck!

Yes! Some removalist have their own storage facilities and others can arrange storage for you.

We can very easily make a storage reservation on your behalf for you at any number of secure storage facilities in the Sydney metro area.

It simply requires the customer being at the storage facility on the day to complete the paperwork between the customer and storage facility for the cost of the storage.

Most experienced removalists will have many reviews from customers on their Google + page, Facebook page, Yelp page, YouTube page or any number of business directory pages.

If your removalist is experienced and reputable they will have a vast majority of legitimate, positive raving reviews from happy and satisfied customers.

We have dozens of happy customer testimonials in video and email format to show that we constantly focus upon completing every move as promptly promptly.

Statistically they say that many people put moving home on a similar level as public speaking! And many people would rather turn their toes up then speak in public.

It stands to reason because people are up from their comfort zone when moving and can be in a state of emotional dis-array, without even realising it, so they can often mis-interpret that the stress is from the removalist.

More often then not, in rare situations like that, it can be due to the customers misconstrued stress and not the removalist at all.

We understand that people can be stressed when moving and we do our best to make the move process as smooth as possible by showing respect and politeness when carrying out your move.

Insurance FAQ's

In short, Yes! We always strongly advise customers that they should fully insure their furniture and goods before their move for possible damage. We require the customer to insure their goods before their move or waiver us at Sydney Domain Furniture Removals of any and all liability for possible damage during the course of your move. See our insurance page for details at

Category: Insurance FAQ's

Yes! Insurance policy costs for possible breakages are paid for by the customer should the customer choose to take out a policy to insure their goods for possible damage.

Category: Insurance FAQ's

Local Removalist in Sydney FAQ's

If the pick up destination is less then 20 km from the Sydney CBD we do not charge a call out fee.

If more then 20km but less then 30km then we charge a fair 30 minute call out fee (at the hourly rate).

If more then 30km from the Sydney CBD the call out fee is equivalent to the drive time from the Sydney CBD.

Tolls in both directions are the responsibility of the customer and are added to the total cost of the move and are paid for by customer.

Packing FAQ's

That depends if you want to pack yourself or if you have requested a full pre-pack service then we will arrive the day before and pack up your home.

Category: Packing FAQ's

Prices FAQ's

That depends on if it an hourly rate or a volume rate.

Category: Prices FAQ's

Local moves in Sydney and Country NSW moves are priced with an hourly rate. Interstate removalist services are priced by volume! Country NSW and Interstate moves may incur a fuel levy.

Category: Prices FAQ's

When a Interstate move is quoted on estimated cubic metres/volume and upon uplift the overall cubic metres/volume exceed the estimated volume then additional charges will apply

pro-rata at the cubic metre rate set out by the contractor upon booking.

Cubic metre volume is calculated on stackable/loadable space.

All items are wrapped in furniture blankets which add’s to the overall volume.

Only office staff are authorised to make adjustments to the quoted price!

Category: Prices FAQ's

Local moves in the Sydney metro area are priced with an hourly rate which is from arrival until completion. If it is a local move then a fair 30 minute call out fee is only charged if the pick up is more then 20km from the Sydney CBD and if it is more then 30km from the city CBD then the call out fee is equivalent to the drive time from the CBD.

Country NSW moves are also priced with an hourly rate which is from arrival at pick up address, with no call out fee if less then 20km from Sydney CBD, and until completion and destination in the country plus return travel to Sydney CBD equivalent to the drive form pick up to destination.

Country moves may incur a fuel levy which will be explained in advance.

Interstate moves are priced with a volume system based on cubic metres required in the truck plus a fair fuel levy which is determined upon destination.

All prices are explained clearly before booking confirmation. We don’t have nay hidden fees.

Category: Prices FAQ's

Hourly rates are firm for local Sydney moves and country NSW moves in most instances.

Understandably there are occasiona that may require us having to get an additional person to assist with your move then we will adjust the hourly rate as per the manpower rate.

For reasons such as if we arrive and you have more furniture and goods then you have told us, or you are not packed up and ready to go which means we have to assist with the packing, or you have time constraints and a difficult access where we have to carry the furniture several hundred metres to and from the truck for several hours and it is clearly necessary to get an additional worker, then upon your request we will arrange for you.

Category: Prices FAQ's

Local moves only have a back to base return travel charge if more then 30km from the Sydney CBD which is equivalent to drive time.

If less then 30km from Sydney CBD we do not charge a back to base travel fee.

Category: Prices FAQ's

Local moves in the Sydney metro area do not incur a fuel levy.

Country and Interstate moves may incur a minimal fuel levy  factored into the quote.

Category: Prices FAQ's

We accept cash or Visa Card, Mastercard for you move.

Credit card payments incur a 3% processing fee.

When paying by credit card we require authorisation by signature with photo id.

Category: Prices FAQ's

We don’t charge a booking fee for local moves.

Interstate moves require a 25% booking fee upon booking!

Category: Prices FAQ's

With a local and country move the customers starts paying from arrival at pick up address until completion (plus any call out fee or return travel fee).

Category: Prices FAQ's

Local moves require payment in full upon completion

Country moves require a deposit upon uplift and balance of payment is required in full upon completion.

Interstate moves, after the 25% deposit upon booking, require balance of payment in full upon uplift at pick up address.

Category: Prices FAQ's

We do not have hidden costs.

We are up front with all our pricing.

If however, on the day of your move, you require an additional man the hourly rate would change, or you require a balcony lift, or the volume of goods with an interstate move then there may be additional costs.

Category: Prices FAQ's

Although you only want one piece of furniture moving the cost can depend upon many variables such as where you are located, how far it is from pick up to delivery, how many people to required to lift the item and the access.

Category: Prices FAQ's
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